Blowing the Budget. On Purpose

Budget – “an amount of money available for spending that is based on a plan for how it will be spent,” according to Merriam-Webster. When I make a budget, I don’t want to budge from it. That’s the plan, let’s stick to it. But sometimes things happen and sticking with your budget is more about being stubborn than smart.

I’m getting ready to sell my house, which means completing all those little projects that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Nothing major, painting the kitchen is probably the biggest, just lots of little things to really get the place touched up to get a good offer. I have a savings bucket of $500 for paint and other materials. I planned to do it all myself with some help from my youngest brother on the weekends.

Unfortunately my sleep disorder has been flaring up which makes getting to work hard enough. Working on the house after I get home? Not happening.

And so I’m caving in and hiring a pro for some of the tasks. My mom’s happy, she’s been after me to hire someone for a while. I’m not so happy, I enjoy working with my hands and really take pride in my work. I also like saving money. My mom’s position is that it will be done quicker and I’ll be contributing to the economy, which is true. I’m finding the prospect of working with the handymen more stressful because it’s something new. At least when I was doing it I knew what to expect.

I’ll be pulling the extra money out of my savings for the new house if I don’t just cash flow it, so it isn’t an issue of not having the money. It’s an issue of not wanting to spend the money.

But budgets aren’t set in stone. They’re guidelines that can be crossed if the situation warrants it, and this is such a situation. If I don’t spend the extra money I’ll either have to wait longer to put the house on the market or settle for a lower price. If I do spend the money I will recoup the expense and more at sale, I’d guess around $5,000 minus the cost, and I’ll be able to get listed before the summer rush, or at least at the beginning.

I could work through the exhaustion but I know from experience that when I’m that tired I get sloppy, it takes longer to do even simple tasks and I can only do it for so long before I crash. My mom’s right, it’s time to just get this stuff done and move on. Even if it blows my budget.

One thought on “Blowing the Budget. On Purpose”

  1. I agree with your mom and to add to that, your health comes first. Don’t forget if you sell you have to move and that is exhausting! Take care of yourself first! Good luck on the sale!

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