End of the Month Reflection

It’s April 30th, and time to look at the month that was and the month that will be. Not that I actually do this every month, but I am today.

Early this month I made the decision to sell my house and buy another. I’d been waffling for months, worried that I wouldn’t be able to find something in my price range that I’d want to buy, so I went out with my agent to look at a few houses. They were all in good shape, soothing my concern that they were affordable because something was wrong, and so I’ve started the process of getting my house ready for sale.

I made $145 at the beginning of the month for a company I occasionally do work for. They’ve mentioned bringing me on for more projects in the near future but nothing’s happened.

I usually budget $50 for eating out but extended it to $100 this month. Partly because I knew I’d be busy and would be cooking less and partly because my youngest brother helps me out in exchange for fast food. So a lot of the extra is really a house expense. I might keep the budget the same in May.

I spent money on clothes! I budget $20/month but haven’t spent on of that until this last weekend, $30 for water sandals and $12 at the thrift store for 4 shirts. I’m one of those women who doesn’t like shopping and will only buy clothes after I’ve identified a need. I want to get a couple more button down short sleeve shirts so I’ll hit the thrift store again sometime in the next few weeks.

I made one large purchase, a new vacuum. It took me 6 months to pull the trigger on that $150 purchase. I don’t need the sleep on it rule, I need a “just do it” rule. Now that I have it I wish I had done it earlier, this thing is way better than my old one. The old vacuum was listed on Freecycle and was promptly picked up by its new family.

I saved $1100 in my DP fund (it used to be for the down payment, now it’s for house projects) and $450 went to my Roth. This was also my first full month of withholding for my job and I’m putting 6% into my 401k and $50/paycheck into the HSA.

My sleep disorder really hit me this month making everything more difficult. It’s finally getting back under control which means I should be starting May off right.

May will be all about the house.

I want to get my house listed this month. Which means deep cleaning the entire house, packing away the “clutter” and getting those projects finished off. I’ll definitely be hiring a handyman for some of those projects just so they get done faster, and possibly better. I might hire a service for some of the cleaning as well and will probably have the carpets professionally cleaned. Or maybe I should just call my mom and sister-in-law, they’re both almost fanatical cleaners… The clutter packing is all on me but I really don’t have all that much. I still need to send some of my instruments to my mom’s so they don’t “clutter” the living room and will be out of the way and safe from the whole house packing madness that will occur later.

After my house is listed it probably won’t take long to get a contract. Once I have that contract it will be time to start looking for my next (and hopefully last) house while I start to pack everything. I’m excited and yet nervous about this. I get nervous with any big change and have learned to push through it anyway but it’s probably part of the reason it’s taking me longer than it should to get some of this stuff done.

While my house is on the market I’m going to need to do something with the dogs while I’m at work. One option is to pay my youngest brother to take them out during showings, but he isn’t sure if he wants to do it. If he says no I’ll talk to my next door neighbors to see if they can help. Worst case I’ll put them in doggy day care, which isn’t cheap but they enjoy it.

My side projects will be taking a back seat this month but I’ll still work on them when I have the time, including this blog and an Android app I’ve been working on. The nice thing about these projects is that they’re totally digital which means they won’t make a mess in the house which will be exactly what I need when the house is on the market and I have to keep it in show room perfect shape.

I need to start getting my paperwork together for the loan pre-approval. Very, very tedious work.

I don’t have a posting schedule planned. Now you know why.

Is your May going to be crazier than mine? Let us know!

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