The Real First Post

Hi! Welcome to my brand new blog. It’s so brand spanking new that it has absolutely no meaningful content! I hope to change that soon, and in fact have a few posts already written so I can get this going quickly, but here’s the fluff.

This is a blog about taking control of your finances. It’s about spending, saving, investing, retirement, dealing with debt, and pretty much any other topic that’s discussed in the personal finance world. It’s about taking the time to really deal with your money so that you control it, not the other way around.

I haven’t been perfect when it comes to money. I started late to save for retirement. I didn’t graduate from college or start my career until I was thirty. Many, many years ago I learned what it was like to have collection agencies call you. Fortunately I learned that lesson when I was young.

I’m naturally a frugal person. Sometimes I’m too frugal and cheap out when I should invest more into something. In starting to take control I’m learning to spend more on the things that matter while saving money on the things that don’t. That’s still a work in progress.

Why “Masters” and not “Mistresses”? Or “Masters and Mistresses”? Because anyone can master a subject but saying that you’ve “mistressed money” just doesn’t make since and it’s too long to say both. Yes, I’m a girl. You readers are ok with that, right?

Expect to see some changes to the layout and blog features in the next few weeks. Or months. I’m new to this WordPress thing and I didn’t want to wait until I got the layout perfect before publishing something.

Right, so that’s my disjointed ramblings for today, join me tomorrow for ramblings that are hopefully a bit more on point.

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